A biomedical application designed to assist the nursing staff and pharmacies in delivering the right drugs to the right patients at the right time: it does so by using custom software, hardware and mobile devices to deliver the information.



Cake had to work very closely with the Biodose team to help them devise a product that solved a recognized issue in a highly regulated market. The solution had to combine cutting-edge software technology with packaging hardware in a very user-friendly way. As the product deals with patient medical records, it had to include strict auditing and access controls. Pharmacies encounter spikes in their work load, consequently the system had to be able to deal with these spikes.


Cake provided

  • Technical consultation (Assessment phase) to understand the domain, reduce risk and make technical recommendations to fulfill their vision
  • A Lean Start up process. Through Cake’s iterative release process a minimum viable product was brought to market quickly, ensuring an early return on investment and gaining feedback through early adopters
  • A solution utilising the latest mobile technology. A mobile application and a bar code reader linked to an iPad via Bluetooth
  • Regular consultation with the board of directors utilising Cake’s technical expertise andinnovation. Enabling Protomed to make informed decisions, ensuring they have a competitive edge.

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