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The Startup Factory


Being a tech startup isn't always bear hugs, high fives, pizzas and table football. Crafting an idea from an intuitive hunch into an innovative tech product requires extraordinary effort and insight, and it’s vital that entrepreneurs have the right support to hand.

With experienced entrepreneurs having their own medals and scars, an impressive agile tech team and a lean approach to growing startups, The Start Up Factory is your partner to help unpack and accelerate your idea to market.

The Startup Factory captures the art and science behind the craft of entrepreneurship, with an agile mentality of ‘getting quality stuff shipped’. It is a philosophy, a place, a process, about people where we create the conditions for tech entrepreneurs to develop, build and realise their startup ambitions.

We offer a unique combination of software development expertise, business mentoring and investment support, individually and collaboratively packaged to each situation.

We provide support to three types of start-ups:
  • Commercial and market experts looking for tech backing
  • Technical experts looking for commercial support
  • In-progress ventures looking for evolutionary tech insights

We look to work with people that are committed to building a high-growth tech enabled company. The venture/product could be pre-PoC, an initial prototype, in pre-seed stage or not achieved product/market fit.

The Startup Factory is able to provide a hands-on service to evolve your thinking into a scalable high-growth business by offering the following:
  • Confirm the viability of your tech vision & product solution
  • Develop a PoC and MVP
  • Confirm the product roadmap beyond MVP to version 1.0
  • Provide ‘CTO-as-a-service’ now and in the future
  • Collaborate to drive business growth via ongoing mentoring
  • Share the risk: we take equity stakes in lieu of professional fees

Over the past two years, we’ve worked with over a dozen startups at all stages. We’ve built and exited several startups ourselves. With more than 25 years of combined startup experience we breathe, talk and think startups.

By taking an equity stake, we sit your side of the table and live in your world, creating alignment and joined-up thinking. Simply, we share the risk, emotion, enjoyment – and co-create success. This is what gets us out of bed in the morning. We want to make a difference and help tech pioneers improve the world for everyone. Now, it’s up to you, tell us about your idea.

Visit the the website and find out how The Startup Factory may be able to support you..